Monday, July 27, 2009

Make-It-Yourself Ice Cream Cake

I love cake. Who doesn't? Apparently, a number of people, some of whom were present at my birthday celebration. I love ice cream and thought an ice cream cake would be an agreeable solution.

This was an exercise in improvisation and quick-thinking. Some things did not go as planned, but overall, it was beyond delicious. A word of caution: dunking the frozen pan into hot water will work a little too well. Then, melted ice cream will drip all over the floor from the sink to the kitchen freezer, then you will realize there is no room in the kitchen freezer. Subsequently, you will run downstairs, getting melted ice cream on all door handles and light switches, with a trail on the floor. Thankfully, there will be room in the downstairs freezer.

Obviously, there is a lot of room of creativity and personal preference. Here's what I did:

Make-It-Yourself Ice Cream Cake
Small batch of brownies, chopped into chunks
Approximately 1/4 gallon vanilla ice cream
Approximately 1/4 gallon peppermint bonbon ice cream
Jar of hot fudge topping
Approximately 1 dozen Oreos, chopped into small pieces
Whipped cream

Work vanilla ice cream with a wooden spoon in a bowl until soft and creamy (or, if you are lazy, throw it in a stand mixer with a paddle attachment). Fold in brownies. Spread into bottom of bundt pan or mold of choice and freeze until hard. Warm hot fudge until just spreadable; spread on ice cream and sprinkle Oreo pieces over fudge. Freeze until hard. Work peppermint ice cream until soft, then spread on top of fudge layer. Again, freeze until hard. Just prior to serving, wrap a hot towel around pan to loosen the cake or dunk very (very!) briefly in warm (not too hot!) water. Slice and serve with whipped cream.

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